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Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are categorized into categories A, B, and C based on delivery lead time. Category A products, typically white painted fast-running items in 3000K for residential projects, are prepared at our fulfillment service partner warehouse or our facilities in Leicester, Dubai, or Shenzhen for shipping around 1-3 working days, with quantities usually less than 200 pieces. Category B products, our popular products for most projects, have sufficient material stocks in our factories and can be ready for delivery around 5 to 10 working days. Category C products, which include slow-moving and made-to-order items, are generally ready for delivery around 15 to 25 working days. The accurate delivery lead time will be confirmed on the order acknowledgment.
We offer color temperatures such as 3000K, 3500K, and 2700K-6000K Tunable White as fast-selling options that are usually in stock in our factory. Other color temperatures like 2700K, 4000K, 5000K, 2000K-3000K Warm Dim, and 1800K to 4000K are available upon request but are categorized as Category C products.

For most downlights and spotlights (typically with downlight cutout sizes ranging from 45mm to 78mm and spotlight structure diameters from 35mm to 65mm), we use sunlike natural light CRI 98 LEDs from Bridgelux and CRI 95 LEDs from NICHIA for Acme Linear products. Our LED drivers vary depending on the type of light: for on/off lights, we typically use DuraGreen branded multi-current selectable drivers, while for mains dimming, 0-10V, and DALI options, we use drivers from major manufacturers like LTECH, TCI, or DuraGreen for commercial projects.

We source most of our light lenses from top European suppliers. We carefully select from their latest and best product ranges to ensure optimal performance in our products. Our light lenses are specifically designed to provide a soft, uniform light output without any noticeable division between the center beam and side beam. This feature is crucial for premium projects that demand a serene and comfortable lighting environment. Additionally, our lenses are tailoured for tunable white lights, ensuring that all colours are blended seamlessly and vividly.

Our products are available with constant current or constant voltage dimmable LED drivers, such as mains dimming, 0(1) – 10V, DALI (DT6 and DT8), Casambi Bluetooth, PHILIPS HUE and TUYA ZIGBEE, sourced from leading LED driver manufacturers. They are compatible with popular smart home brands in the market.
ACME downlights are designed for premium residential projects, while MOOD downlights are more budget-friendly and primarily suited for commercial projects, particularly in hotels.
Our products are well-suited for premium residential projects, 5-star hotel projects, and showrooms of luxury furniture and lifestyle brands.

Fittings labeled with ‘Circular Use’ come with a 10-year warranty and lifetime repair and reuse services. Other products have a standard 5-year warranty, while all LED drivers are covered by a 5-year warranty as well. Specific conditions apply to warranty claims, including reporting any defects within 60 days of discovery and adhering to the terms outlined by DuraGreen. Certain cases are exempt from warranty coverage, such as misuse of the product, installation in unsuitable conditions, or damages caused by external factors beyond the manufacturing process.

The 10-year warranty covers up to 40,000 hours of use (equivalent to 10 hours of operation per day). The 5-year warranty covers up to 20,000 hours of use (equivalent to 10 hours of operation per day).

For detailed information, please refer to the document ‘Standard Warranty of Products‘.