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Standard Warranty of Products

The term “Product” or “luminaire” refers to the DuraGreen branded range of luminaires using LED light sources and the LED Drivers approved and supplied by DuraGreen.

DuraGreen Lighting UK LTD (“DuraGreen”) provides a warranty that, products labeled with ‘Circular Use’ come with a 10-year warranty and lifetime repair and reuse services. Other products have a standard 5-year warranty, while all LED drivers are covered by a 5-year warranty.

The 10-year warranty covers up to 40,000 hours of use (equivalent to 10 hours of operation per day).

The 5-year warranty covers up to 20,000 hours of use (equivalent to 10 hours of operation per day).

Any defect must be reported to DuraGreen or an authorized DuraGreen point of purchase within 60 days of discovery.

DuraGreen will not cover any expenses beyond those related to the repair and/or replacement of the defective Product, including disassembly and reassembly costs, expenses for accessing the installation site (e.g. scaffolding, elevators, night-time space openings, third-party operations), and product transport costs to and from the DuraGreen facilities. Additionally, no compensation or indemnity can be claimed for direct or indirect damages arising from the lack of use or limited use of the defective Product or its sale, and no legal action can be taken against DuraGreen.


The Warranty cannot be applied in the following cases:

– The luminaire used with an electronic driver other than the one provided by DuraGreen.

– Products installed in inadequate environmental conditions, such as use of the indoor products at a room temperature below -15℃ or above 35°C and outdoor products at an ambient temperature below -15℃ or above 40°C, or exceeding the IP rating of the products.

– Damages resulting from negligence in installation/maintenance operations, unauthorized repairs, or repairs conducted with non-original parts and non-compliant procedures.

– Damages due to excessive mechanical loads not consistent with the intended use of the Product.

– Damages caused by atmospheric events, malicious acts, or other accidental occurrences that cannot be traced back to the product manufacturing process.

– Painting deficiencies caused by contact with the ground, chemicals, fertilizers, water containing corrosive agents, or stray electrical currents or deterioration of the finishes that does not prevent the luminaire from functioning correctly.

– Products installed on systems without surge protection or products used in a range exceeding rated voltage +/- 20%


Warranty Procedure

To report a defect in products, please contact your point of purchase or please contact If a Product defect is discovered during the Warranty period, the Customer need to submit a written request, providing evidence of purchase (Invoice number), their contact information, a detailed description of the defect(s), and conditions of product use. If the identified defect falls within the warranty scope, DuraGreen may choose to replace the Product (partially or entirely) with an identical or similar Product, repair the Product. Replacement of the Product or its components does not extend the warranty, and the Product remains covered under the initial warranty.